Camila Galaz lives and works in Melbourne, where she completed Honours in Fine Art at RMIT. She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Los Angeles, and online. In 2018, she was awarded the M-Power Art Prize from Mecca Brands and the National Gallery of Victoria.

Camila’s practice links performance, history, and memory by working with layers of authenticity, humour and personal interpretations to explore intimate connections to history and resistance. Through video, photography, drawing, and installation, she looks to discover how large historical events play out in people’s everyday lives and embodied experiences, often across generations.

Recent exhibitions include ‘you are the magnet and I am the metal (slowly magnitizdat’), C3 Art Space (2018); ‘Reparar Means to Repair’, Blindside (2018); ‘To Believe Oneself to Be Death’, TBP HQ (2018); ‘Arms Folded, Hands Crossed (I speak to the room)’; Seventh (2017); ‘You Transform Everything into a Boat’, Kings (2017). In 2018 she has presented online projects with Sister Gallery (‘As If It Were Raining’) and The Digital Writers Festival (‘Monumemento’). In 2018 she received a scholarship to attend ‘Summer School as School’ in Prishtina, Kosovo, run by Stacion Center for Contemporary Art, and was awarded the 2018 MECCA M-Power Mentoring Scholarship from the National Gallery of Victoria. She also works within the performance art collective ‘The Band Presents’ (TBP), and established the TBPHQ Art Space in Docklands, Melbourne (2017-19).