You Transform Everything into a Boat

Kings Artist-Run
August, 2017

In You Transform Everything into a Boat, Camila Galaz explores her Chilean heritage through the lens of post-memory – a historical memory of events or places transferred over generations. This begins with two moments from her father’s life: his move to Valparaíso to join the Navy on conscription and when he subsequently became part an armed leftist guerrilla organisation fighting against the Pinochet regime.

“I think what it is for me is that Valparaíso is not what it is; it’s what it was for me. Not as a city but as a place where I kind of developed my social conscious and my political views and had the opportunity to go and do something effective against the dictatorship in those years. So it’s more like the romantic view of the city more than the actual city itself… So that’s what it is, but the beauty is that wherever you are, you look out to the sea and you see the ships and the cargo and whatever fishermens, see this is just a better place.”